How current is RigDig’s information?

Jul | 5 | 11

When making a used truck purchase, having the most up-to-date information can help you avoid purchase mistakes!  And RigDig’s team of 55+ associates works hard to bring you the information as quickly as possible.  RigDig’s information is compiled from tens of thousands of sources throughout the United States; and the frequency by which these sources varies greatly.

In regards to some of our data sources for the most vital information, such as Title Brands (i.e. Junk, Salvage, Flooded), we receive the data in real-time.  Our partnership with the Department of Justice’s NMVTIS database allows us to deliver information in RigDig as it happens.  This can protect you from purchasing a vehicle that was just stamped with a “Salvage” brand earlier in the day.  Those big consumer vehicle reports for cars don’t even have have that ability.

While some of the most vital information is updated in real-time, other data sources are updated daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or sometimes longer.  For example, a federally recordable accident may have occurred three weeks ago, but that information source may not report it to us for another week.

Over the last 10 years RigDig has reported an average over 93,000 federally reported tow-away accidents annually for class 3-8 trucks. Of these accidents, 2.9% resulted in a fatality.

VIN Cloning is a growing crime, where criminals take the vehicle identification number (VIN) from a wrecked vehicle while it is sitting in a junkyard, then create new VIN plates for a stolen vehicle of the same make, model, year and color. RigDig can protect you from purchasing a VIN cloned vehicle.

2.8% of all RigDig Reports run by users were for trucks that were flagged as either Junk, Salvage or had a serious Salvage Title.

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