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  2 Electronically Register the Vehicle – Depends on:



a) If the new commercial motor vehicle will carry regular California Commercial plates, then the dealer must electronically register the vehicle.

b) If the new commercial motor vehicle will be registered through the International Registration Plan (IRP), then the dealer does not need to electronically register the vehicle.


According to Evelyn Carr, Program Manager responsible for the oversight of the Business Partner Automation Program for the California Department of Motor Vehicles,  “Under California AB1215, which goes into effect on July 1, 2012, every California-licensed commercial motor vehicle dealer (such as Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, etc.) will be required to do the following:

First, prior to offering a used commercial motor vehicle for retail sale, the licensed-dealer must obtain a report from an authorized NMVTIS provider.  If the report returns NMVTIS related junk, salvage, total loss or title brand information, the dealer will be required to affix a 4 inch x 5 inch red warning sticker in the window of the vehicle.

Second, the licensed-dealer must electronically register any new commercial motor vehicle carrying regular California commercial plates.  On the other hand, if the vehicle is registered through the International Registration Plan (IRP), then the dealer does not need to electronically register the vehicle.”  Read More on California AB1215


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RigDig is a proud UTA affiliate member!  We look forward to working with your dealership to help you comply with AB1215, avoid inventory mistakes and sell more trucks by giving your customers that extra peace-of-mind that a RigDig Truck History Report provides.

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Over the last 10 years RigDig has reported an average over 93,000 federally reported tow-away accidents annually for class 3-8 trucks. Of these accidents, 2.9% resulted in a fatality.

VIN Cloning is a growing crime, where criminals take the vehicle identification number (VIN) from a wrecked vehicle while it is sitting in a junkyard, then create new VIN plates for a stolen vehicle of the same make, model, year and color. RigDig can protect you from purchasing a VIN cloned vehicle.

2.8% of all RigDig Reports run by users were for trucks that were flagged as either Junk, Salvage or had a serious Salvage Title.

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