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Since 1988, Equipment Data Associates (“EDA”), a division of Randall-Reilly Publishing Co., and its 80+ associates and researchers have been compiling detailed equipment related information in the Agriculture, Construction, Copiers, Lift Truck, Logging, Printing, Machine Tools, Trucking and Woodworking industries.

In 2008, the editors from Randall-Reilly’s trucking publications shared with us a glaring need facing the used commercial vehicle consumer…..“used truck buyers are spending big bucks on used trucks, but they don’t have good information to help them make an informed purchase decision”.

The editors asked us if we could build a data product to fill this need.  From there, we assigned a team of EDA researchers to go out and listen to the needs of the used truck purchaser and to research the information sources that were currently available to the commercial vehicle consumer.  After conducting over 50 in-depth interviews with companies operating in the trucking industry, and analyzing every facet of the vehicle history reports designed for the consumer market, we confirmed that there wasn’t a good source of information available for consumers on used commercial vehicles.  That put us on a mission to arm the used truck buyer with information to help them make a more informed purchase decision.  Three years later, after building, acquiring and partnering with the best information sources available, we launched RigDig® in August 2011.


About Randall-Reilly

EDA is a division of Randall-Reilly Business Media & Information, the premier U.S. media and information company focused on the trucking and construction markets. Its diversified portfolio includes print and digital publications, custom media, websites, interactive media, data products, research and events. The company’s trucking division serves the fleet, owner-operator, recruitment, truck stop, pre-owned truck and trailer, dealer and heavy-duty aftermarket segments. Randall-Reilly’s construction division covers the highway and heavy construction, road building, aggregates, landscaping and used equipment markets. The company’s Custom Media Division provides major corporations with customized brand marketing programs.

Randall-Reilly has offices in Tuscaloosa, AL, Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC, and New Berlin, WI.

Over the last 10 years RigDig has reported an average over 93,000 federally reported tow-away accidents annually for class 3-8 trucks. Of these accidents, 2.9% resulted in a fatality.

VIN Cloning is a growing crime, where criminals take the vehicle identification number (VIN) from a wrecked vehicle while it is sitting in a junkyard, then create new VIN plates for a stolen vehicle of the same make, model, year and color. RigDig can protect you from purchasing a VIN cloned vehicle.

2.8% of all RigDig Reports run by users were for trucks that were flagged as either Junk, Salvage or had a serious Salvage Title.

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Protect your customers, your investments and your reputation. Let RigDig™ shield you from the unknown on trade-in and auction buys. Powered by the most comprehensive and the most trusted data sources available, RigDig™ Truck History Reports help you make more informed used truck purchase decisions. Whether you are a fleet manager, a dealer or owner-operator, don't make a deal without knowing as much as possible about a truck's history. Make better investments - get a RigDig™.